Liam Ambrose, Comfie, Cressida Campbell, Claudia Carroll, Noni Cragg, Elisabeth Cummings, Lewis Doherty, Rachel Dorn, James Drinkwater, Dick Frizzell, Ian Grant, Holly Greenwood, Peter Kingston, Matilda Kubani-Deane, Bronte Leighton-Dore, Caroline Oakley, Lucy O'Doherty, Eytan Messiah, Mikaela Mitchell-Bishop, Reg Mombassa, Nick Santoro, Garry Shead, Bridget Stehli-Curnow, Anita Simunovic, Matthew Usmar Walkswithdogs, Thomas John Whelan, Siena White, Lucy Zaroyko - Sweetness of the New. 25 January - 28 January, 2018.

Taking off as if on a fantasy trip, Stepping Into Tomorrow has toured Sydney for romantic visions of contemporary art.” - Tomás Artigas, 2018

Sit’s Sweetness of the New exhibition of 2018 – or “Sweet” Collection as it is sometimes known – will become art legend. It will be followed closely by similarly extravagant evocations. For many observers, these lavish portrayals of the “sweet” or “exotic” will come to typify Stepping Into Tomorrow’s work over the decades.

Despite what Artigas suggests in the quote that introduces this section, Sit’s never actually “toured Sydney”. Their lifestyle is rather that of armchair explorers. Art Historian Philippe Takama emphasises this as key to understanding the “sweet” and “exotic” aspects of their work. Stating, “Stepping Into Tomorrow’s travels are essentially imaginary ones, those preferred by resolute men.” Thus they have developed highly romanticised notions of contemporary art.

In loving memory of Matilda "Tilly" Kubani-Deane.