Babette Robertson & Claudia Brand - Heartache. 10 Dec, 2021 - 16 Jan, 2022.

Heartache, brings together work by close friends Claudia Brand and Babette Robertson. Longing, preservation and a holding in stasis of imagery and memory are presented in the artists’ painting and ceramic work. 


Brand’s longing is for time, people and memories; Robertson’s is for lost elements of the natural environment. Having both come back to painting after focusing on digital and installation practices, the artists have discovered a new-found reverence for the medium. 


In her paintings, Brand obscures personal memories selected from an archive of family photo albums and iPhone backlogs. Brand grasps lost sentimental moments and controls the atmosphere she wants to share publicly by cropping them. This fracturing/re-contextualising of photographs that, when rebuilt, breathes new life into ambiguous forms. Reimagining altars in her late grandparent’s home in the form of ceramic frames, Brand highlights the preciousness of these selected images. 


Since 2018 Robertson has collected GPS points and accompanying porcelain pressings of fallen trees in her ongoing project every fallen tree. She has begun painting each tree in an act of heartache and conservation. This project will be completed when 7,000 trees are recorded and painted in homage to Joseph Beuys work 7,000 Eichen (7,000 Oaks). She is currently at 4,328 recordings. 


There is a longing for the things these artists are recreating, recording and highlighting. The memories are gone, the trees have fallen, the time has passed, and the artists are no longer in the places they recorded these things.